Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony

Fellowship Chapel

-Our Mission

Fellowship chapel is an institution dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, seeking to bring people to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ for the saving of souls and the development and enhancement of a total life that is spiritually, physically, economically, socially and mentally whole.

-Our Creed

We praise, worship, adore, honor and work for our God from our own Christ-rooted and African-centered heritage and understanding. We welcome all people to join us on this spiritual journey.


SUNDAY SCHOOL Children, Teens and Adults 8:15 A.M. CHILDREN'S CHURCH Infant/Toddler's 9:30 A.M. WORSHIP SERVICE BEGINS 9:30 A.M.

-Church Etiquette

Come to Church on time; plan to remain until the benediction. If service has started, ushers will direct you to available seating. Please turn off cell phones or set on vibrate. It is inappropriate to leave the sanctuary after service has started (unless there is an emergency). If you must leave, try to do so during the Reach Out and Touch Moment. You will be allowed to re-enter the sanctuary during an appropriate time. During service, every area is an extension of the sanctuary, please respect it as such. Please be seated in the designated areas. Do not leave gum or candy on pews or floor. No food or drinks allowed in the sanctuary. Be careful to replace Bibles and hymnals quietly. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Please leave the sanctuary as you found it. Please wait until after the Benediction has concluded before exiting the service.

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