Business Coalition

Introducing the…
Fellowship Chapel Business Coalition!

Always remember that it is the Lord your God who gives you power to get wealth, and He does it to fulfill the covenant He made with your ancestors. Deuteromy 8:18.

Our Mission:
To be a ministry of the church that seeks to…create business growth for the business owners who are members of Fellowship Chapel and to become a resource listing, available to persons both inside and outside the church, of the services, skills, expertise, and talents offered by Fellowship Chapel business owners and entrepreneurs.

In the pages that follow are very broadly defined categories for the businesses owned and operated by the Fellowship Chapel membership.

You are encouraged to view all categories initially and refer back to those you require as your needs demand. As membership in the Business Coalition grows you will see more categories and businesses added.

On behalf of the Fellowship Chapel Business Coalition, we thank you, invite comments on your  experiences with our members and encourage your frequent visitation and support of these Fellowship Chapel Business owners. Comments can be sent to

Stay tuned for Upcoming Fellowship Chapel Business Coalition Resource Directory!