TOWN HALL, 1967-2017

As we commemorate our past and our present, we are planning a historic discussion dealing with 50 years since 1967. This special event will be held on Saturday August 26th, at Fellowship Chapel, 7707 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan, through the Freedom Institute for Economic, Social Justice, and People Empowerment. The Dr. Ron Walters National Townhall will look to discuss and engage our community through the lens of yesterday, today, and tomorrow regarding our collective progress.


The past 50 years have seen the Detroit ‘67 rebellion and its national impact. Out of the political ashes of the rebellion have emerged New Detroit Inc., Wayne County Community College, the unveiling of the Shrine of the Black Madonna, a more integrated police and fire department, black representation on the Detroit City Council, and eventually the election of Coleman A. Young as Detroit’s first black mayor. It has indeed been a remarkable 50 years.